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Did you know, turbines used in jet aircraft engines are manufactured to extremely precise tolerances using etching technology!




• No metal-stress or part-deformation 
• Burr-free, no stress problems 
• Low-cost in comparison to hard tooling 
• Material properties remain unchanged 
• Temper of metal is not changed 
• Magnetic properties not affected




Culzean offers you a high quality process. Perfect accuracy of depth, sharp, crisp edges on logos and text is attained in a controlled environment. One of the strongest features of etching at Culzean is the continuous reproduction of customers' artwork ensuring the highest quality time after time.


Etchable Substrates

• Brass
• Phosphorus Bronze 
• Copper / Copper Alloys                     
• Stainless Steel 
• Gold 
• Silver

Chemical etching


Why chemical etching? Chemical etching enables an accuracy unmatched by traditional methods. Also referred to as chemical milling, etching is a technique used for manufacturing high-precision flat metal parts. By chemically etching out unwanted material the results are of the highest standards.



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