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Culzean Engraving Limited established in 1999 is based in Chorley, Lancashire, UK. Mr Stuart Cooper the company director

is a 3rd Generation engraver with a vast amount of experience

in the commercial and industrial engraving industry, Culzean Engraving dedicate themselves to providing high-levels of care and quality in our services and to our customers.


Culzean Engraving is a full-service manufacturer providing a fast, efficient service without compromising quality. Our goal is to increase your visual impact in the marketplace. We understand that quality design, fabrication and installation are essential to the proper and effective presentation of your company.

We are committed to not just meeting, but exceeding your needs and expectations. We are constantly monitoring industry trends and innovations so we can provide you with the very latest modern signage solutions.


We adhere implicitly to exacting standards of safe and fair employment practices including health & safety, discrimination and working hours. These aspects of our policy extend to all our suppliers and their manufacturers and we aim to only deal with those companies who have the same commitment and outlook as ourselves. We conduct business following the spirit and the intent of the equal opportunity laws and we strive to maintaining a diverse community.


We encourage excellence at all levels of our organisation.

Culzean Engraving

Sadly, Master Engraver Ron Cooper past away in 2013.

He was a true specialist within his field.


Ron was a 2nd generation Master Engraver with multiple textile and print businesses to his name. In 1960, working out of Dearden Street in the Yorkshire town of Osset, Ronald moved 13 families to Scotland and created Europe's largest Whiskey label company producing foil labels for Glenfiddich, Johnny Walker and Ballantine’s to name a few. The first Chivas Regal embossing die was hand engraved by Ron Cooper and still used to this day. 

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